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Versti aprašą atgal į anglų Jungtinės Valstijos. Being one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms that has been verified by the Indonesian government, Tokocrypto is committed to change your entire trading experience by providing an easy-to-use crypto-assets trading application.

It allows you to buy and sell bitcoin and other crypto assets easily, efficiently and safely. Find more inside the apps.

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Apart from implementing Know Your Customer KYC and 2 Factor Authentication, Tokocrypto is now adopting the latest security technology owned by Binance to ensure users can transact safely and comfortably. S: Follow these little tips for easier KYC verification process: 1. Make sure the data you entered is in accordance with the identity card.

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Do not use sunglasses, hats, masks, or other accessories that tko coin your face when recording the liveness video. Make sure to look at the camera and have enough light.

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We highly recommend doing the KYC process tko coin a laptop. We love to innovate to create an easy and enjoyable trading experience for our customers. Withdrawals will be processed quickly as possible within 1x24 hours.

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If you have any suggestions and improvements to share with us, you can contact us at hello tokocrypto.