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Dollar Gains on Rates, U. Bloomberg The market cap crypto meaning extended gains after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen boosted expectations for an interest-rate rise in December and ahead of the U. The Bloomberg dollar index headed for a third day of advances after Yellen said raising borrowing costs gradually is the appropriate policy stance amid uncertainty surrounding inflation.

Equities are struggling to make further headway after reaching record highs earlier this month. Chances for higher U. Addresses from central bankers in Canada, the U. The rate on corporations would be set at 20 percent, down from the current 35 percent rate, and businesses would be allowed to immediately write off their capital expenditures for at least five years, three people familiar with the plan told Bloomberg News.

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More on that here. What to watch out for this week: U. The euro-area inflation rate may have accelerated a touch to 1.

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The data is out on Friday. The underlying gauge closed flat at 2, The Nasdaq Index added 0.

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Contracts on the Euro Stoxx 50 advanced 0. London time. The yen fell 0.

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The Aussie bought BondsThe yield on year Treasuries was at 2. German year bund yields rose one basis point to 0.

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